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Enterprise purpose:

Create benefits for enterprises to create value for customers

Staff to create wealth for society to create prosperity

Enterprise spirit: hard work, innovation

Honest man to do something practical

Business philosophy: specification management integrity

The pursuit of excellence pragmatic and innovative

Enterprise goals: the image of a tree that grows Run to create the Long Run brand

Long Run Genre: technology leadership, fine workmanship and satisfactory service.

Quality policy: the quality of science and technology leading

Work style: rapid response, immediate action.

Internal management model: OEC management, scientific workflows.

Corporate relationships: honest to get along with and learn from each other, inspire each other,

Carry out criticism and self-criticism.

Professional loyalty within the sterile corporate ethics: integrity of the outer tree image

Quality is the fundamental guarantee of the survival and development of enterprises. The main work of our quality management principles are:

ISO9001 standard;

target market, continuous quality improvement;

the latest technology and advanced standards;

Product quality goals:

a) The procedure qualification rate of 95% or more;

b) a library pass rate 100%;

c) customer satisfaction rate of 90% or more.

Service center
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