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A great deal of pressure due to rising oil prices, financial crisis, a series of questions to the transportation industry, chemical production, public transportation systems, steal oil spill less refueling, is widespread, for these problems, we passed long efforts to design a satellite positioning and GPRS oil level monitoring system. He has positioning, mileage, oil level measuring and alarm functions while the car mailbox temperature, fan temperature, acceleration, etc. to measure the real-time notification. Here mainly to the measurement control of the automotive oil (oil level monitoring).

Monitoring system hardware consists of:

The monitoring system mainly by the oil level sensor, oil level transmitter, collection terminal, duty room monitoring software. Collection terminal includes: the acquisition part of the GPS part of the GPRS part.

The oil level sensor (oil level transmitter), the mechanical parts of the circuit part. The capacitive oil level sensor sensing part is a coaxial container caused by the change in capacitance between the sensor housing and sensor electrode, when the oil into the container after this change through the conversion of the circuit and precise linearity and temperature compensation, output 4-20mA standard signal. That is, small changes of the oil level can be measured.

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